Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Firsts

And here, finally, are the seven firsts I won at the Chilliwack Exhibition.

A year of being dragged around the house by my grandchildren didn't seem to hurt the llama's placement!

My handspun socks earned a first even though they were entered in with the "regular" knitting. Again, I placed them there because there was not enough room for all my handspun items in the handspun department of the fair.

My handspun cowl and fingerless mitts also took a first.

I entered a stuffed-applique and embroidery stocking that I did for my youngest granddaughter and was pleasantly surprised to see it place first. I thought it was up against some very deserving competition, even a lovely stocking done all in cross-stitch!

The Aeolian Shawl also received a first, not that I was surprised really. That shawl was a lot of work, included some difficult stitch combinations (nupps!), was heavily beaded, and as far as I know had no mistakes anywhere. My only sadness was that my placement of first made my daughter's beautiful shawl come in second.....and hers totally deserved a blue ribbon too. She did a fantastic job! I'm very proud of her.

A crocheted snowflake tree ornament, I think I placed it in the "seasonal ornaments" class over in the general hobbies section. Anyway, another first.

And my tiniest item (though a HECK of a lot of work!) took the biggest ribbon of all! I got Best In Show for my handspun, 1/4 scale, February Lady Sweater and matching beret. The entry also got a first in the "handspun, small item" class.


Susanne said...

Congrats on all your ribbons! You must feel very good about all that work being acknowledged. But what about the COOKIES?????????

Rachael said...

I must say congratulations on all of your ribbons, first second and third! Remind me not to compete where you are would ya?
Keep up the beautiful work.

Marlene said...

Thanks Susanne and Rachael.

Susanne I've tried to answer you directly, but your email address does not come through with your comments so I have to answer you here:

The cookies my granddaughter and I entered into the "Grandma and Me" chocolate chip cookie contest came in somewhere other than the top three. Everyone after third received a "fourth" ribbon as a participant. If I had realized that "creativity" was a source of points in that contest I would have made something other than traditional Toll House cookies. Anyway, it was fun baking with my granddaughter, and I think that was the main point of that event.

Ruinwen said...

Congrats on all those ribbons! You do such even and beautiful work esp on those tiny projects. *hugs* :)

Oh, and BTW I love your new profile look amazing! :)

Sharon in Surrey said...

WOW!! you really cleaned up at the Fair. Congratulations! I hope your entries really inspire everyone else to enter their items as well.

Jocerane said...

Bravo!!! Congratulations!!! It's bad news for the other participants, when you and your daughter enter a contest!!! Lol!!! They know they wont win!!!

Nicole said...

Congratulations on all your ribbons! That's so amazing!! Where will you keep them all? I hope they are prominently displaced.