Saturday, August 21, 2010

Miss Mufffet

Another little dress outfit for Pip.

It's not that I'm "all about the dresses" or anything, it's just that Pip is a difficult doll to pose. Her limbs love to flip around backwards or collapse at any given moment so she's easiest to keep in dresses. That way I can see exactly what's going on if something just doesn't seem right or she can't hold a simple pose.

If I ever get around to restringing her and "hot glue sueding" her joints then maybe her posing ability will improve and she'll occasionally be able to wear pants or tights and long sleeved shirts. I won't be doing that today though. Our son is getting married tonight and I have more important things to be doing!


Susanne said...

Any news on your chocolate chip cookie entry??

Marlene said...

Oh! Yes. Sorry about that Susanne. I did say that I'd get back to everyone with the results didn't I.

We didn't place in the top three, which were the prize winners. We got a "4th" like all the others that didn't quite fit in those top three.

In other exhibition related news though, I won quite a number of prizes this year. In fact all 11 of my entries at least won something, and half took a first. I'll eventually get a post, with pictures, up about that.

Ruinwen said...

What a cute dress. She has the bluest eyes I have ever seen. :)