Saturday, September 11, 2010


Pip really wasn't too sure that she wanted to go through all the trouble of switching her eyes back to the blue again.

Even the lure of a mermaid tail was not enough by itself.......

......I had to add in a wig, a shell bodice like the "pretty mermaids wear", pearls, and a crystal swan chariot. Now, NOW I think she feels it was worth the hassle.


Christine said...

I am so enjoying the pictures of your lovely dolls and their wardrobes. You should consider printing the pictures as postcards or greeting cards.

Fran said...

She looks beautiful. I second Christine's comment. Love seeing your pictures and they would make FAB cards !

Marlene said...

Christine and Fran I love the idea of greeting cards but I'd have to do some serious camera upgrading and at the very least rig up some kind of lightbox and camera tripod to make the photos of sufficient quality to warrant that kind of special treatment.

It sure would be fun to set up some kind of a seasonal diorama for greeting cards though.

Ruinwen said...

OMG! I just love Pip's new outfit...complete with hair and tail! What a great mermaid costume...I just adore the little top! :)

I also agree with the others. These would make great they are. The lighting is really are very talented. *hugs*