Friday, September 03, 2010

Teeny, Tiny Teddy

I made a tiny teddy bear for Pip today. Pip is so small herself the actual size of the teddy bear can be hard to imagine.

Here's another photo to put the needle felted bear in more familiar surroundings so the size is a bit easier to visualize.

Teddy is less than 2 inches tall and yet is fully jointed. (I've got to do something about that left arm being longer. Funny how things like that only become apparent after you've taken pictures.)


lookinout said...

Or lengthen the other! Longer would be normal. Your work is very inspiring.

Susanne said...

Amazing work! you get full marks for your patience on such tiny objects.
Any word on how your c.c. cookies did at the fair??

Marlene said...

Lookinout, the right arm is not quite as short as it looks. It's back a bit farther than the other. I think maybe I should do a bit of both. Lengthen the right a wee bit, and shorten the left.

Ruinwen said...

What an adorable bear! You do such beautiful needle work. *hugs*

Meret said...

that looks awesome and well crafted. I am going to attempt making something like that myself in the near future!