Tuesday, January 18, 2011

9.1 Ounces of SOFT

I started spinning this ultra soft alpaca up several months ago when it was given to me by a good friend. It was mostly done when severe back pain prevented me from doing almost everything, including spinning, so it sat untouched for two months.

With my back finally on the mend I got around to plying the singles a few days ago. It was quite greasy, dirty stuff but it washed up beautifully. Now it's 9.1 ounces of wonderfully, buttery soft, fuzzy yum that I'm trying to find a project for. Any suggestions? I think I'll wind it into balls tonight and do a few test swatches. Maybe some sort of men's toque (that would be a "watch cap" for you Americans)?


Jen said...

Project? I can leave you my address and mailing the envelope to me would be a great project!

Rachael said...

is what I did with my handspun alpaca and LOVE the way it came out. It was fast, easy and satifying to knit and wonderful to wear.

Wovenflame said...

Jen and Rachael, I tried to answer both of you on your blogs (your email address does not come through with your comments here). On both your blogs I ran into problems with the comment police not recognizing my password.

Jen, I eventually left you an "anonymous" comment.

Rachael, I gave up. In essence I was trying to say that I've decided to make my husband a toque with the first skein and if there is enough left over I'd sure like to give the pattern you linked to a try. It's very pretty!

Ruinwen said...

It really is yummy looking. You are such an even spinner. :)

Marlene said...

>b, that's kind of funny because I was trying to lighten up on my perfectionism. I was trying to spin thicker and with less attention to evenness so that I would have more of a handspun look than I normally get.