Thursday, January 27, 2011

Peanut Is Home!

After more than 9 months of waiting (some of it for a different doll that never arrived), my very first BJD has finally come home. She was well worth the wait! Come celebrate her box opening with me.

The Parcel! I was so excited I was shaking!

And the pretty inner box.

My first look at my very first BJD.

She rises out of the velveteen packing.

Bubble wrap kerchief.

Her beautiful little face. And look at those cute little ears!

She stands on her own straight out of the box.

Peanut asks, "Is there any clothes or a wig for me?"

"I mean.....really!!"

"Oh, that's much better, thanks!"

"Which ones should I wear?"

"I think I'll wear the black ones today. Look, I can do the buckles myself!"

"How do they look?"

"I think I'm going to love it here!"


Rorek said...

Oh neat! My Littlefee box was a lavender color. I wonder how frequently they change them. Guess I'll just have to get another one and see, eh? ;D

Dorothy said...

What a cute little doll! Almost makes me want to get involved in this fascinating adventure. Welcome home Peanut.

Rachael said...

I have not wanted a doll this badly since I was a child. I love your narrative and you seriously almost made me tear up at the end there. She WILL love it there. :)

Fran said...

She is beautiful !

Sprite said...

Gosh! The pose where she is lifting her hem to look at her shoes is so life-like! What an amazing doll!

Christine said...

Oh wow, wow, wow! Her face is soooo beautiful. Have now justified the need to save up for a Little Fee rather than settle for one of the less expensive dolls.

Ruinwen said...

She has such an expressive face! I'm glad she was worth the wait! :)

Anonymous said...

I want one now!!!!

Marlene said...

Well of course you do Anonymous! Everyone knows that Peanuts are addictive. Are you someone I know?