Saturday, November 26, 2011

Is It Time Yet?

I made the mistake of letting the girls try on their Christmas dresses. Now they are sitting around sighing and "waiting for Christmas". Apparently having pretty Christmas dresses to wear does not make time pass any quicker.


I had Peanut and Pumpkin's dresses ready a whole year ago. I had thought that they would be arriving before Christmas. Little did I know at the time that it would be late January before either of them showed up.

I have enjoyed these dolls SO much. Creating clothing for them, posing them, photographing them, and arranging the photos into "photo stories" has been so much fun.


A year ago I also had no idea that I would end up with 6 ball jointed dolls in less than a year. I now have the original two Littlefees, a Pukipuki, the Realpuki pair, and the recent addition, a Pukifee.

Is it Time

Looking through my stash I was lucky enough to find the remains of the fabric from the Littlefee dresses so Serenity got a dress that coordinates with the bigger girls'.


Lala said...

I love the detail and work you put into their little clothes! You've made me want to pick up sewing :)

bearpicnic said...

They are adorable!! I hope you'll post a photo of the three of them together in their dresses!

Marlene said...

Glad to have provided some inspiration, Lala.

Oh yes bearpicnic, I certainly will. The dresses were a lot of work and are only "good" for December so I'll be posting lots of pictures of them between now and Christmas. At least one group shot.

Hmmm....I wonder if Petunia, Mr Magoo, and Ms Muffet all need holiday outfits too? They won't be matching though as I've run out of that material. (I'm sure Mr Magoo is breathing a sigh of relief about that!)

cailyn said...

it may not make the time go faster, but it makes them even cuter as they wait :o)
maybe you should have them make christmas decorations or help with the baking while they wait?

Sweetsknit said...

SUCH gorgeous dresses. Pumpkin's photo is so lovely. She looks like she's trying very hard to be a little lady and not do anything to ruin her outfit. Great pictures.

Marlene said...

Thanks Sweetknits. It's one of my favourite photos of Pumpkin. She's usually running around being such tomboy.