Thursday, November 03, 2011

Trial and Error

A lot of trial and error, knitting, ripping and reknitting goes into developing even the simplest of patterns.

try again

The basic numbers on this little pullover for Pukifee and Lati Yellow dolls seem to be okay, but the pattern will need some extra length added to the sleeves. I'll write that in before moving on to the next project. Before it's published I'll have to knit the pattern one more time to double check everything.

Adjustments needed

I also came up with a simple pattern for sewn Pukifee pants. This pattern also needs work. The legs are at least 1/4" too short, probably as much as 3/8". When working with a doll of this size a small difference is a BIG fitting problem.

First Draft

For now Serenity will just call them "capris".

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cailyn said...

it's not bad though, just looks like she has grown... a lot :lol: