Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Gingham

I spent much of Saturday and Sunday sewing for the resin girls. Pumpkin, Serenity, and Peanut all got new gingham dresses to welcome Spring.

3 dresses

Serenity and Peanut

The LittleFee dresses are sewn using the Adams-Harris pattern, "Angel Baby". The Pukifee dress was sewn using MyOwnLittleWorld's pattern "Puff-y Sleeve Dress" pattern, for which I altered the sleeves to have elasticization rather than a non-stretchy cuff.

I've been knitting too, but I forgot to take pictures of the latest project while the sun was cooperating. More about that project on another day, I guess.


carol said...

So cute!!!!!

cailyn said...

lovely dresses!