Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Custom Minifee Sweater

It's done! I designed and knit this custom fitted Minifee sweater for Ban Sidhe in partial payment for faceups and doll modifications she did for me.

Delaney's sweater

It was a long hard grind, with much ripping and reknitting while I worked out design details, but I'm oh so happy with the way it turned out.....and better yet, so is she!


The next step is to compile my notes into some sort of a readable pattern so that I can more easily knit it a second and third time....for my own Minifees this time. And who knows, maybe if there is enough interest I'll get around to offering it as a PDF pattern as well.


cjbj said...

Turned out lovely. It would be great as adult sweater too. You are quite the Master knitter!;-)

Marlene said...

Thanks! Several years ago I did design one like this for full sized humans, and it was lovely. It had a prettier, more complicated cable. I should probably write that one up as a pattern to sell as well.

There isn't room in the doll size for the wider cable I used on the human sized one.

Carol said...

Yes, would love to buy the pattern from you when it's ready!

cjbj said...

Was it a white one. As soon in one of your year in summary photos? It looked good on you!

Marlene said...

Thanks! Yes, it's an off white one. I still have it.