Monday, May 28, 2012

Lariat Minifee Sweater

You'd think from the lack of updates here that perhaps I hadn't been doing much. But on the contrary, life got busy and I inadvertently neglected my blog.

The last you heard from me I was working on a new sweater pattern, this time for the Minifee sized dolls. Well, it's finished and available for sale at Ravelry for $6.95 U.S.

Here it is, the Lariat Minifee Sweater. This one, in KnitPicks Shadow laceweight in the "Oregon Coast Heather" colourway was done as part of an exchange of services.


Candace was a little sad to see it go!


But luckily for her I had to knit a second one to test the pattern I was getting ready for sale.


The second one is knit in my own handspun, hand dyed, camel/silk laceweight.


I made a few adjustments to the pattern as I went. I changed the way the waist shaping was done so that the line of increases and decreases was less noticeable but it still retained the original's curvy silhouette.


As I had hoped, it also fits Delilah Noir. And as the two dolls are very similar in size, I think it will also fit Ellowyne Wilde. I'll be doing a test fit on Ellowyne later today.



Rachael said...

I LOVE this sweater! I need it in my size!

Marlene said...

I do plan to make the sweater in a more human size and I'll create a pattern for it at that time.