Friday, May 18, 2012

Nearly There

I've been working lately on getting another knitting pattern for dolls ready for sale.


This will be my first pattern for 1/4 scale dolls.


It was fitted on a Fairyland Minifee doll, but it will likely fit vinyl Delilah Noir and Ellowyne Wilde as well.


I'll be test fitting it on those two in the next couple of days.


A bit of final editing to do and then the pattern will be on sale through Ravelry as an automatic PDF download.



Chriss said...

Yay! Fleur has already started tearing apart the stash for a yarn she likes.

Marlene said...

Tell Fleur that the pattern will require a laceweight yarn in a solid colour, or at the very most a heathered, tone on tone. The cable detail would just be lost in a variegated yarn.

Chriss said...

Fleur says thanks! She's found two she likes...a pale lime and a gorgeous denim blue. I'm not sure whether that means I'll be making two for her or if she's hoping for a new room mate!