Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pumpkin's Turn at Minter Gardens

ready to go

Pumpkin hanging out, watching TV and waiting for me to get ready.

king of the castle

"I'm the king of the castle!"  When we finally we arrived Pumpkin ran ahead to "the big rock"  Peanut had told her all about.

waiting for Wovenflame she was making a big show of being bored and having to wait again, but really.....I was less than a minute behind her! Sheesh!

land ahoy

"Land ahoy matie!"  Pumpkin's favourite places had nothing to do with flowers, and everything to do with imaginative play.


"GiddyUp"  Sometimes with a favourite game it was hard to get her to move along! (She claimed her mule was being stubborn").

tree climber

"Chee-chee-chee!"  Come down from there Monkey-Pumpkin. I'm pretty sure tree climbing is frowned upon here.

paid by the hour are you?

"What happened to this guy?". Pumpkin nearly had me convinced that lazy workmen get turned into stone.

hello..anybody in there

"Hello, hello! Anybody home?". After meeting the stone man Pumpkin was wondering who else lives at Minter Gardens.

 too hot

"I'm too H O T! Can I take my shirt off?".No Pumpkin, we'll just have to find a shady spot to sit for a while.

shady spot

"Awwww, *whine*, how come the mosquitoes always hang out in the shady spots?" Oops, I put mosquito repellent on before I left home but I forgot all about poor Pumpkin.

here birdie, birdie

"Here birdie, birdie! Come on over big guy....."

stork express

"Hey Mister Stork, what'll it take to get you to give me a ride?"

fly me to the little house please

"Just over there, to that cool little cottage. It looks to be just my size!"

mossy fence

Careful Pumpkin, that moss looks slippery.

here fishie, fishie

"Here fishy, fishy, FISHY!".

Whoa! Pumpkin! Look out behind you. Here comes a mean ol' tortise and he doesn't look too happy about you messing with his fish.

crabby ol' tortise

the lookout

" he g...g..gone yet?"

bug watching

After getting a safe distance away from the mean ol' snappy guy Pumpkin took a few quiet moments to watch a tiny bug.

where'd it go

"Huh? Where'd it go?".  I guess it had wings?


Pumpkin was very excited to find the quiet "Fairy Stump" that Peanut had told her about. They both agree, Panalaya, the white elf lady, really needs to come here.

Pumpkin blossom

"Come and find me!". Pumpkin just wasn't interested in the flowers but I had to get at least ONE picture. It is a garden after all. I was sneaky and told her to go hide in the flowers.

back home, exhausted

Pumpkin had such a good time today that she was really disappointed when it was time to go home again.


朝霧達也 said...

your dolls are so cute! Please tell me where can I get them?

Marlene said...

They are Fairyland dolls. The child ones I've featured most recently are "LittleFees" while the mature figured ones are "MiniFees". I purchase mine through DDE, a doll shop in Denver Colorado, but they are available from other vendors, or directly from Fairyland.

朝霧達也 said...

Thank you to tell me.Immediately I will get some dolls!

sylwia:) said...

Wygląda jak mała piękna dziewczynka. Śliczna sesja. Pozdrawiam