Sunday, July 15, 2012

Same Doll, New Personality

My Minifee Mirwen sculpt is trying on yet another personality. First she was Candace McMirwen, the cool and aloof business executive. Then she returned as Candace's young cousin from the old country, Gunhilda Nerheim. Both of those characters had wardrobe issues, in that the clothing was specialized and somewhat difficult to make.

Now the Mirwen is trying out yet another personality and look. I haven't yet settled on a name, but "Judi" has been suggested so I'll try living with that for a few days to see if it "fits". Any other suggestions are quite welcome.

A beautiful emerald

I told her she could have my mother's emerald and gold necklace if she could get the knot out if it.

examining the gem

She's still working on that knot. I guess she's not willing to admit defeat.

Working together

She has even asked for suggestions from Panalaya, who was more than willing to help.

How about you? Have YOU got any suggestions on how to get a very tight little knot out of a very fine gold chain that you don't want broken? The chain was a real tangled mess and I got it all out except one last tiny knot that just will not budge!


WhingingNinja said...

she is lovely i love the name Morgan

Melissa said...

She seems somewhat happier in this incarnation. She and Panalaya look like they would be good friends.
How about Cassandra as a name for her?

As for the knot, it might not work, but when I need to get knots out of chains, I just roll them around in my fingers (like if you were making a clay ball) and they usually loosen enough that I can pick the knot apart.

Marlene said...

Ohhh, I like Morgan too WhingingNinja, though I think I would lengthen that to Morganna.

Well yeah, Melissa, that's another angle I hadn't given much thought to. I think this personality for the Mirwen sculpt would blend better with both Panalaya and Shannon. Neither of them would have had much opportunity to meet with Candace or Gunhilda in "real life". That's a little awkward seeing as they all live on top of the same display cabinet!

I like the name Cassandra, but it has some real life connections for me so I know I won't choose that one.

Chriss said...

I vote for the name Morganna! I must admit that I really like the way this character is developing much better than Candace. She seems less aloof and easier to get to know.

Marlene said...

Yeah, me too Chriss. "Aloof, hard to get to know, all business and very little down time" was the character I wanted, and I did achieve that, but I didn't realize that I would also be affected by her unfriendly persona and end up not caring for her as much as the other dolls.

kristo said...

Morganna is an evil sea witch in Little Mermaid 2.... Kaylen is NOT going to be impressed, lol!

Marjorie said...

She looks more like a Jasmine or Jazz to me...or maybe Rina or Reena. You're really the most creative at choosing names.

Adrienne said...

Not sure on the naming aspect, but as for the knot, a magnifying glass and some pleating pins to insert into the fine chain and delicately pull the chain loose. A bit of dish detergent as a lubricant also may help. Oh, and I can never get a knot out without holding my breath while working.

cjbj said...

Was going to suggest some wd40 and two pins or toothpicks.

She looks like she is trying
Stare that knot out.

name, sophistokate came to me.
35 boonton

Marlene said...

Melissa's idea to roll it in my fingers worked! It still took a bit of fiddling with pins, but at least the rolling loosened the knot enough that pins had a fighting chance.

Miranda Ixie said...

Oh my gosh, she's amazing. I like this incarnation very much. Beautiful, beautiful lady. And I'm glad to hear the chain is fixed up. Yaay Melissa! And now, your beautiful dolly gets to keep the emerald necklace! NICE