Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Baby Bunny

Came here for the cute? Well, do I have the cute!

Baby Bunny

This is the latest piece for the Dollzone Christmas Baby commission I'm working on.

Itty Bitty Bunny

It's a custom designed, itty, bitty, cashmere bunny hat for the 3" resin doll owned by HDoneSix.

Bunny Ears

A few more things to make and then she'll be on her way back home to her caretaker.

Zoe's Bunny Hat


WhingingNinja said...

omg that is darling so cute and tiny and perfect in detail

dynnamae said...

That is adorable. I have enjoyed seeing all you have made this tiny baby.

Dustbunnie said...

Everything you've made for this wonderful baby is just way too cute. If it wasn't such a hassle to change their clothes I would have asked you to do some thing for mine. (I have the other three babies)

Marlene said...

Thanks WhingingNinja and dynnamae. Your compliments really mean a lot to me. I appreciate the time you take to leave a comment.

I agree, Dustbunnie. With those permanently bent arms they are kind of a hassle to dress and to create clothing for. Hats, booties, and panties aren't too bad though. If you do decide you would like something though, better hurry. The little model is going home to her caretaker soon. I must have a model with me to do the fitting as I haven't written patterns down.

Dustbunnie said...

Na . . . they'll have to be content with their Spampy outfits.

Marlene said...

LOL, Dustbunnie! Spampy outfits are awesome. They will be more than content I think. :-)