Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The outfit I was making, and blogged about earlier, is now complete. Here it is being modelled by Rose, the rightful owner. She is Kristo's Fairyland Minifee Luka.

Corset for Rose

The slouchy beret in hand dyed, handspun camel/silk was crocheted without a pattern, just trying it on for fit now and then.

Rose's outfit

The corset and skirt were made from men's shirts I picked up at a thrift store. The shirt I used for the corset had a soft, peached finish to it that made a very nice doll-scale velvet like fabric. I hand embroidered the flowering vines. The skirt was made from the other two men's shirts. LOTS of fabric left over of course, which is a good thing because Morganna would like a skirt too!


Then I used a t-shirt purchased at Micheals to make the detached sleeves and the tights. Poor Rose had to go home in her stocking feet though. Shannon was not about to give up those boots for more than just a quick photo session.

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