Sunday, July 29, 2012

Perfectly Fitting

Third time seems to be the charm. a3480 Shannon managed to wrestle the body back from Morganna just in time to nab the perfectly fitting third corset. a3490 I'm really happy with the fit of this one. a3492 Shannon seems pretty pleased too! a3486 Next I'll move on to refitting the pattern to fit LARGE bust Minifee, for Panalaya.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Panalaya's Custom Wig

Panalaya got a new wig this week. It's a hand made, hand dyed Tibetan mohair wig by TinyBear of "The Sleeping Elf, Ltd." trading hair care secrets She and Ms Muffet are discussing the merits of various hair care products and styling techniques.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Travel for Two?

Mr Magoo and Ms Muffet have been sorely lacking for attention ever since the Minifees moved in. They've decided enough is enough and they are packing their bags and moving on.

Mr Magoo and Ms Muffet will be travelling

Hopefully they'll be able to remain together through their travels!

Once they move out I'll have no need for their tiny clothes, shoes, and accessories so they will be packing those for the move too.

Ms Muffet is packing her stuff up

Magoo is packing his things If you are interested they have a thread in the Den of Angels Marketplace where they will hash out the details of their move. I'll miss the little cuties! Once I have them safely rehomed I'll turn my time, attention and funds to improving the circumstances of those who remain behind; The LittleFees Peanut and Pumpkin, the Minifees Shannon and Morganna (and Morganna's alternate characters Candace and Gunhilda), and the sole Pukifee, Serenity.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tweaking the Corset

another corset

I made another corset for Morganna, tweaking the fit a bit. I quite like this one.


One thing I'll have to fix though. I had dropped the height of the bust cups a bit but it affected the fit a bit more than I had planned, which is why I added the lace embellishment. I'll bring that edge back up again in the next pattern revision but I'll also save this version for times when I do want embellishment across the top.

skirt upcycled from a blouse

I also finally got around to sewing a bit of a makeshift lining into the skirt so Morganna can finally wear it in public without embarrassment. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I've settled on "Morganna" as a name for this new character that is sharing a head with Candace and Gunhilda.

I tried many other names for her because I was reluctant to use a name that my 5 year old granddaughter has an aversion to, (thanks to Disney's "The Little Mermaid II"),  but in the end nothing else would stick.

It was like Morganna was saying, "No! My name is "MORGANNA" and I won't settle for any other!" But really I don't blame her. Nothing else seemed to suit her.

I had a talk with Morganna about the situation and she has agreed to answer to "Morgan" or maybe "Anna" when Kaylen is around, but as she was walking away I heard her whisper, "...but neither one is my name."

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Same Doll, New Personality

My Minifee Mirwen sculpt is trying on yet another personality. First she was Candace McMirwen, the cool and aloof business executive. Then she returned as Candace's young cousin from the old country, Gunhilda Nerheim. Both of those characters had wardrobe issues, in that the clothing was specialized and somewhat difficult to make.

Now the Mirwen is trying out yet another personality and look. I haven't yet settled on a name, but "Judi" has been suggested so I'll try living with that for a few days to see if it "fits". Any other suggestions are quite welcome.

A beautiful emerald

I told her she could have my mother's emerald and gold necklace if she could get the knot out if it.

examining the gem

She's still working on that knot. I guess she's not willing to admit defeat.

Working together

She has even asked for suggestions from Panalaya, who was more than willing to help.

How about you? Have YOU got any suggestions on how to get a very tight little knot out of a very fine gold chain that you don't want broken? The chain was a real tangled mess and I got it all out except one last tiny knot that just will not budge!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pumpkin's Turn at Minter Gardens

ready to go

Pumpkin hanging out, watching TV and waiting for me to get ready.

king of the castle

"I'm the king of the castle!"  When we finally we arrived Pumpkin ran ahead to "the big rock"  Peanut had told her all about.

waiting for Wovenflame she was making a big show of being bored and having to wait again, but really.....I was less than a minute behind her! Sheesh!

land ahoy

"Land ahoy matie!"  Pumpkin's favourite places had nothing to do with flowers, and everything to do with imaginative play.


"GiddyUp"  Sometimes with a favourite game it was hard to get her to move along! (She claimed her mule was being stubborn").

tree climber

"Chee-chee-chee!"  Come down from there Monkey-Pumpkin. I'm pretty sure tree climbing is frowned upon here.

paid by the hour are you?

"What happened to this guy?". Pumpkin nearly had me convinced that lazy workmen get turned into stone.

hello..anybody in there

"Hello, hello! Anybody home?". After meeting the stone man Pumpkin was wondering who else lives at Minter Gardens.

 too hot

"I'm too H O T! Can I take my shirt off?".No Pumpkin, we'll just have to find a shady spot to sit for a while.

shady spot

"Awwww, *whine*, how come the mosquitoes always hang out in the shady spots?" Oops, I put mosquito repellent on before I left home but I forgot all about poor Pumpkin.

here birdie, birdie

"Here birdie, birdie! Come on over big guy....."

stork express

"Hey Mister Stork, what'll it take to get you to give me a ride?"

fly me to the little house please

"Just over there, to that cool little cottage. It looks to be just my size!"

mossy fence

Careful Pumpkin, that moss looks slippery.

here fishie, fishie

"Here fishy, fishy, FISHY!".

Whoa! Pumpkin! Look out behind you. Here comes a mean ol' tortise and he doesn't look too happy about you messing with his fish.

crabby ol' tortise

the lookout

" he g...g..gone yet?"

bug watching

After getting a safe distance away from the mean ol' snappy guy Pumpkin took a few quiet moments to watch a tiny bug.

where'd it go

"Huh? Where'd it go?".  I guess it had wings?


Pumpkin was very excited to find the quiet "Fairy Stump" that Peanut had told her about. They both agree, Panalaya, the white elf lady, really needs to come here.

Pumpkin blossom

"Come and find me!". Pumpkin just wasn't interested in the flowers but I had to get at least ONE picture. It is a garden after all. I was sneaky and told her to go hide in the flowers.

back home, exhausted

Pumpkin had such a good time today that she was really disappointed when it was time to go home again.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

A Flap About Flaps

One of my pet peeves is pants (or shorts) with back pockets that have those annoying button down flaps. The very first time you wash them the flaps crinkle up and stick out. And yeah.....I'm NOT going to start ironing my summer shorts. My solution? I sew the flaps down!

a flap about flaps

Who ever uses back pockets that have to be buttoned anyway? I have a large enough rear end that I sure don't need to start carrying extra junk around back there!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Finished and in Use

The crocheted bowl is now completed, starched, and in use.

crocheted bowl

The handwoven dresser scarves are now wet finished, hemmed by hand, and in use as well.

handwoven dresser scarf - 2

I love the way the textured, plain weave looks against the dark, smooth, wood of our new bedroom suite. 

textured plain weave

The sixteen feet of weaving gave me five runners altogether with no further leftovers. In addition to the 4 pieces needed in the bedroom (for two night tables, a mule chest, and a chest of drawers) I had enough finished weaving to make a runner for the kitchen table as well.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Alexander Bridge Excursion

When all the crowds are gathering for big Canada Day celebrations and group activities my husband and I scurry off to quieter locations, preferring to spend the day enjoying Canada's natural beauty.

Canada Day excursion to Alexander Bridge, BC

This year we headed up the Fraser Canyon to Alexander Bridge Provincial Park and walked the old highway (pictured above) down to the old Alexander Bridge.

Canada Day excursion to Alexander Bridge, BC

It was more of an easy walk than and actual hike.

Canada Day excursion to Alexander Bridge, BC

A train surprised us by roaring by just as we approached the tracks. No time to set the camera to best capture the speeding train.

Canada Day excursion to Alexander Bridge, BC

There were a few other people stopping by to enjoy the view, but certainly no crowds.

Canada Day excursion to Alexander Bridge, BC

Looking out from the old Alexander Bridge you can see the new bridge which was built in 1965, just downstream.

Canada Day excursion to Alexander Bridge, BC

Looking through the rusty deck at the mighty Fraser River rushing by.
Canada Day excursion to Alexander Bridge, BC

All the rust and corrosion does nothing to add to one's sense of security while standing on the bridge.

Canada Day excursion to Alexander Bridge, BC

With the very wet spring we've had this year the Fraser River is flowing very fast and high.