Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Exhibition Prizes

My daughter, granddaughters, and I all managed to pick up a prize or two for our exhibits at the fall fair.

The Saori inspired neck piece I wove got a first place ribbon in the "Small Expressions" category.

Saori expressions

The judge wrote a comment on the evaluation form, "What fun to wear!".

The scarf with all the novelty yarn tails won a first in the "Handwoven Scarf of Commercial Yarns" category.

hand woven scarf

The judge's comment was, "Very Creative!".

Kristy won not only a first place ribbon, but also a "Best in Category" ribbon for her wonderful cross-stitch picture done on 18 count aida. It is full of blended stitches and is highlighted with metallic threads and dimensional elements. She figures that, working on it only off and on, it took her 5 years to complete.

First Place!

She also got first place for her Navajo plied handspun skein.

Navajo Ply

Kaylen won four ribbons for her fair entries!

four ribbons

The top one is a first place for her entry in the "Article woven by an person under 18 years old" category. Yes! She won even though the category was open to much older kids! I'm sorry I haven't a better picture of her entry. It's the Inkle woven amulet bag she is wearing around her neck in this picture:

Hand weaving

She did all the work herself, picking the colours and their placement, helping with the warping of the loom, weaving the band, cutting it off the loom, hand sewing the band into the little bag, twisting the cord, and choosing and sewing on the button. I'm very proud of her!

Kenzie was not left out of the prizes either. She won three ribbons for various artwork, including a third for the "sticker page" she is holding up in the picture.

three ribbons


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you crafty gals!!!
Beautiful work and so creative.

Love Rene

Chriss said...

It is wonderful to see all three generations submitting fair entries. Bonus that you all won! Have you started planning for next year yet?

Marlene said...

Kristy has Chriss, but I haven't gotten any further than hoping to enter a lot more categories next year. I think perhaps I will enter more weaving and maybe even some funky thick-n-thin spinning. I've never had cause to spin art yarn before but with this recent interest in Saori weaving I kind of wish I had a stock pile of core spun!