Saturday, July 19, 2014

25 Years Later

When we first moved into our home 25 years ago we knew the countertops just had to go. They were a repulsive "celery" yellow. For years I chopped directly on the countertop trying to ruin them but with limited success. I also tried the "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" tactic and attempted to decorate around them. For a while the kitchen was painted yellow. Then during the sponge painting era we went with a mottled blue but kept a yellow accent in a floral wallpaper border in an attempt to harmonize with the very ugly but nearly indestructible countertops. Yes. I did say sponge painting. It was tres chic back then I think. Maybe? Anyway, at the time I liked it.

But years went by. Years and years actually, we're figuring nearly 20, and sponge painted walls were beyond dated and into the laughable category.

Here's the best photo I could find that showed both the countertop and at the same time (behind me) the sponge painted walls, a bit of the floral wallpaper border, and above that the white wallpaper with a tiny blue flower. Look I'm so embarrassed I wore a mask! LOL

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Still we avoided making any redecorating decisions. Every time we thought about making changes it would start with countertops (because they just had to go, remember?), but maybe we'd replace the cabinets at the same time? Of course the cabinets needed to be the wonderful organizing kind with the fancy schmancy self closing operation. And if we were going to do that we'd go for an updated sink. Oh and while we're at it perhaps remove an exterior door to make room for more cabinets. How about a work island? There would be room for one if we decided to knock out a couple of walls --- and create a real dining room ---  and on and on it went. Soon enough we'd realize that we didn't have the budget for all that and we'd stare glumly at the dated, sponge painted walls and try to forget how hideous that countertop was.

Finally, not too long ago, I admitted that we were not likely to commit to an entire kitchen renovation any time soon but the actual countertops were not that big of an investment and we could do that much right now. I made an impulsive decision, grabbed hold of a corner of the worn wallpaper, and tore a good sized chunk out of it. There! Damage done and we were now committed!

So here we are. The Hideous Celery Yellow Countertops and backsplash are gone. Sweet!

Countertop installed

Still lots of work to do! The walls are in the process of being painted. This is the colour scheme we are working with.

 Then once the walls are completely painted I'll reevaluate where I'm going with the table and chairs. You may recall that I'm working on painting the chairs red?

The idea was for the red to be a splash of interest in an otherwise beige world, though I'd also add an item or two of red on the other side of the kitchen to provide balance. The chair painting is not going well. I'm having a horrid time with drips, even when applying very thin layers of paint --- LOTS of layers too! It will take a minimum of FIVE coats of paint just to cover the white primer on this first chair and each coat takes several hours to do. If I decide to continue I will definitely be having the primer tinted!

The plan for today is to stay out of my husband's way as he installs the kitchen sink. Although new it is not really an update. It looks very much like the one that was removed to make way for the counters. I'm okay with that. The size and style of the previous sink worked well so 'meh, good enough. I will be getting a new faucet though. The old one was awful. We haven't chosen the faucet yet but we know the general idea of what we are after.

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icicle said...

Oh, how exciting, especially since you've lived there for so long. I'll bet it'll be a tiny thrill each morning when you go down for breakfast!
We redid our house completely about 10 years ago. It all still feels new and yet not at the same time. I've been eyeing our kitchen floor recently trying to decide if I want to replace it or not. I still like it but it's just starting to get a few wear spots and it was the one area we 'cheaped' out last time around. Like you, I was thinking I might be opening Pandora's box if I change it, but perhaps not and we *can* just do the floor... something to think about.