Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back With a New Look

So obviously I've been having problems posting lately and my blog was all but abandoned for quite some time. I'm giving Blogger another chance after installing a new browser. Perhaps now it will allow me to post photographs?

Ok, YES! Blogger is letting me post pictures from Flickr using the GoogleChrome browser. We are back in business!

Many, MANY changes happening in my life right now -- all good I'd say, though some are causing me to be frantically busy at times. I'll give you a short run down on them over the next few days, as time allows. The biggest change I'd say has been in my personal appearance. Not that I look hugely different or anything, but because this change in my appearance has had a profound effect on how I feel. I'm feeling more confident, happy, and calm.

The changes started with the haircut pictured above. Going for the asymmetrical look was an idea I was mulling over. I took the idea to my very talented hairdresser, Jenn Grasslin, and she did a superb job. I've had the haircut for a few months now. I'm gradually working on growing the left side into a angled bob while keeping the right side short. I LOVE the look. I love it so much, and it feels so ME! Jenn is very talented at blending the two sides so that it all works and doesn't look odd.  (If you live in or near Chilliwack and would like her to work her magic for you shoot me an email (my email address is on my profile page) and I'll get you her booking phone number. 

But I didn't stop at just the haircut. About a month ago, through a post on a weaving forum, I was introduced to "Dressing Your Truth", a very interesting energy profiling system. Initially I did the FREE week long, short daily email profiling, but after enjoying that very much and seeing the benefits, I committed to the full program. I feel it was money well spent! I feel so much better now that I am "dressing my truth". I have a better understanding of what colours look good on me, what to look for in the style lines of my clothing, and how to accessorize as a "Type Four, bold striking" person. If you could use a little boost, give it a try. The initial profiling is free, so no risk there.

I'll be back soon to tell you of some of the other changes going on in my life. After about 20 years we are finally redecorating our kitchen! Not a full on reno. We aren't ready for that sort of financial commitment, but we are finally replacing the ugly countertops that we said HAD TO GO, way back in 1989 when we moved here!

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Chriss said...

Welcome back and you look Gorgeous!