Monday, October 27, 2014

Collared Pullover

Here's another sweater that will eventually show up in a pattern collection for the Minifee line and other dolls of that general size.

Collared Pullover

I quite like it!


It has a more manly look to it than some designs.

For the guys (and their gals).

Though I'm pretty sure that in the right colours it would look great on the girls too.

Zen really likes this one.

I hope to have an entire collection ready for publishing in December. Even once the initial designing takes place it can take that long to get test knitters, make corrections, double check the corrections, and then edit it all into a cohesive publishable whole.


I'm trying to keep this as a collection of "basics", but if there is any particular style you'd like to see in the collection mention it in the comments.

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