Saturday, October 04, 2014

WRECK This Journal

Care to join me on a new adventure?

Care to join me?

I know I'm late to this particular party, as the whole "Wreck This Journal" fad was started a number of years ago and the groups where people were posting seem to have dribbled to a close. At the time I thought it looked like I would have fun doing it, but I couldn't find a copy of the journal, locally.

I see now that it is available on Amazon in Canada and the US.

My first action was to "break the spine", but that doesn't photograph as much. I then looked through the book and noticed two actions I'd like to do now, before the journal is filthy with all manner of vile substances. The first is "Chew On This".

Chew On This

For the second activity that I'd prefer to do while the journal is still clean I'll need some mouth staining candy. Um -- yeah -- I may be 54, but I'm still a kid a heart.

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