Monday, January 19, 2015

End of Warp Hat

A while ago I warped my loom with enough length for 2 scarves “and then some”. When I had the two scarves woven and cut from the loom the “and then some” sat for a month or more not really inspiring me, but not wanting to be cut free and tossed in the scraps bin either. I finally got around to just weaving off that remaining bit. Before constructing my hat I forgot to measure the finished length of the weaving, but it was definitely too short for a third scarf.

Here’s what I came up with:

Woven SAORI hat with knitted brim and crown.

I think it probably has elements in common with the “No-Sew” Saori hat, but I've never seen the directions for those so I’m not sure. I pulled the selvedge threads on both sides of the finished weaving, to gather it, and then I tied the fringes from both ends together and twisted them. From there I think my project differs from the No Sew Saori Hat.

I went along the front edge with a circular knitting needle picking up a stitch in each weft loop (but behind the outermost warp thread in case the weft pulled loose) and then I knitted a ribbed band.

Woven SAORI hat with knitted brim and crown.

My weaving wasn't wide enough to fully close at the top and I had a gap, so I also picked up stitches around the hole and decreased like you would for the top of a knitted beanie.

Woven SAORI hat with knitted brim and crown.

Of course because this hat was made from the end of a scarf warp I do have a scarf that matches it.

Woven SAORI hat with knitted brim and crown.

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