Thursday, January 01, 2015

Leaf Top, Miniaturized

My Feeple M60 girl, Holly, doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of the crew. She's a giant in comparison!


But that's okay, I bought her because the larger size is so much easier to work with when miniaturizing "human" sized patterns. Just by using ultra thin needles and much finer yarn, 

Off With Her Head!

I was able to take a pattern for a ladies XS top and miniaturize it.

Leaf Top detail

A few days of obsessive knitting later my big girl has a new, lacy, bamboo top.


She loves the way it looks with her favourite, well worn jeans, 

Leaf Top

but I think it will look nice in warmer weather when paired with feminine summer skirts and cute shorts as well.


Other than a little added waist shaping and a few decreases in the arm bands I used the pattern unaltered.

Handknit Leaf Top


dynnamae n said...

This leaf top is very pretty. It can be casual with her jeans or dressy with a cute skirt. Don't we all like clothes that switch around like that?
Happy crafting to you, Marlene.

Natasha Pengkerego said...

Can u pls tell me what the dolls are called I really want one there lush especially the doll who u made white pants for

Marlene said...

Natasha, the doll shown in this particular post is a Fairyland Feeple60 Moe-line and her sculpt name is "Rin".

I have other dolls, all of them by the Fairyland company. I'm sorry but I don't recall making white pants for any of them. Perhaps you can be more specific?