Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Not At All Mellow

I'm participating in a "Handwoven Clothing Weave-A-Long" in the "Weaving in the Saori Way" Ravelry forum.

This is the beginning of my warp.

Next warp begins here.

The "Clèa" is 100% mercerized cotton crochet thread. The "Little Flowers" by Crystal Palace Yarns is 96% nylon 4% metallic fibre.

I really want to weave YELLOW but, unfortunately, yellow is the least abundent colour in my stash. I'm also very picky about my yellows. I don't want that "school bus" yellow, nor do I want an autumn-like golden yellow. I want a clear, vibrant pure hue, not one watered down to a pastel, nor muddied and dulled. I want sunshine yellow, lemon yellow,

This is only the beginning of course. There is not enough yardage in those two balls to wind an entire warp long enough to make some sort of clothing (haven't decided yet what type of clothing I'll make), so I'll be adding to this in some way. White for sure. Maybe some black. We'll see.

But for now I'm off to open a parcel that's waiting for me. A brand spankin' new Saori warping board and stand. Yay!


Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

Such a bright and cheery combo! :)

Gene Black said...

I love those two yellows. And YAAY for that new warping board!