Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Stand Is Standing!

Ok, so it's barely standing. I've got all the right bolts in all the right places but they are not fully tightened. I've been digging through my husband's very large tool box but I haven't been able to find a metric screwdriver and wrench that will give me a good grip. I'll have to wait until he comes home to lend a hand.

The stand is standing!

This is my new Saori warping board and stand!


Gene Black said...

it looks great. I will eventually have to get the stand to go with mine.

Marlene said...

So you have the Saori brand warping board then Gene? I'm really happy with mine! It makes SUCH a difference to the speed and comfort of winding a warp. I got mind with the stand because I have very little wall space where I could hang a warping board.

I'll be selling my Woolhouse Tools Warping board now. With no wall space to use it I was kneeling on the floor to use that one. NOT fun! Let me tell you!