Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Did Promise

Ooops! Almost forgot. I did promise that I would show the third place item, a crocheted cardigan entered in the "any other crocheted article not listed" class, 

and a couple of entries that didn't place at all.

The funny thing is, these two entries that were sent home ribbonless are actually items I really, really like!

The lined, blue vest was entered in the "any other sewn item" class. It's a sewing pattern I developed using my custom fit sloper. It fits me perfectly, it is super comfy and, in my opinion, it is very well sewn.

The sequined scarf, though not an example of good technical weaving, with it's (purposely) drifting weft and simple plain weave pattern, is still very much a favourite of mine. It doesn't come across all that well in the photo, but in person I think it is quite stunning -- admittedly due mostly to the choice of weft yarn. The sequined weft yarn slowly transitions from light to dark and back again. It's necessary to wind all the yarn onto bobbins and keep them in the correct order to keep the colour transitions working properly. It was entered in the "scarf or cowl, woven with commercial yarn" class.


Laura said...

Even in the photo, your scarf looks good! :D I love the black/white pattern in it, and those beads! Did you bead it yourself, or were the beads already part of the strands?

And having seen the vest on you, I have to say it's pretty nice. :) It can be hard to make things fit just right if your shoulders aren't "average," or your bust is an unusual size. Having sewn for Monster High dolls (which have extreme spine curvature AND very slender waists), I know the pain of adapting patterns to fit a body they weren't made for. You did an excellent job.

(On the knitting front, I finished a few of your patterns for my BJDs, and once my Teenie Gem's eyes arrive, I'm going to photospam Ravelry.)

Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

I can't believe that scarf didn't place; it has a bit of everything while still being very stylish! :)