Friday, August 14, 2015

Seconds Count

So, as promised, here is a lineup of the fair items I received second place ribbons for.

The Saori hat I blogged about some time ago came second in the Handweaving, "open" class. It's a catch-all category for things like soft sculptures, toys, and tapestry of any technique. I put the hat in that category because there wasn't one specifically for hats and because this hat includes both knitting and weaving. I'm not sure what the competition in that category consisted of because the items are not displayed together by category once they are judged.

The hat is for sale, $60 Canadian, no tax. That's a bargain for American shoppers. With the way our dollar has been falling it works out to about $46 US. The hat is hand woven almost entirely from handspun wool and wool blends. There are a few accents of commercial yarns that contain some man made fibres.

The little handspun sweater I knit for my granddaughter's doll at Christmas also received a second. It was in the "Knit or Crochet, Small Article" class.

A last minute construction, this second place ribbon was won in the "Small Expressions" class of the hand weaving category.

The bookmark was created from a narrow end piece I cut from my handwoven rainbow yardage. It was about an inch of weaving with hemstitching and twisted fringe. After going to all that work to twist the fringe before washing (not knowing what I would use the yardage for), I was loathe to just throw it out when I cut it off the yardage to make a purse.

I manipulated that narrow piece of weaving down a small rectangle of felted handweaving and after stitching it in place with meandering machine quilting I trimmed it back to a rectangle shape. It still needed something so I added a few star shaped sequins held in place by beads.

The little hat I crocheted for my youngest granddaughter's Christmas doll received a second as well.

And here are all the second place items posing together with their ribbons.

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