Sunday, September 11, 2016

Charlie's an Angel

I've been saving a small skein of "chiengora" for years. Chiengora is dog hair that has been hand spun into yarn. Depending on the breed it can be beautifully soft and have a halo that is much like angora (rabbit). And no, once it is properly washed and spun chiengora does not smell like wet dog when it rains!


Many years ago my daughter adopted a senior "rescue" dog, a white shepherd named Charlie. He had lived in various SPCA shelters for so long that his original location and story was no longer known, nor was his age. He was a very loving dog but was advanced in age and came with a host of medical problems that eventually took his life.

While Charlie was still living I took some of the soft, creamy white undercoat that he had shed, carded it with sheep's wool that had been dyed pink, and then spun it into a 116 yard, 2ply skein.

Skein of Charlie Blend

I finally found a project for at least a small portion of the special "Charlie" yarn. I included it in a 6m mixed fibre warp and as I wove I added in the occasional small weft stripe of Charlie's cheingora as well.


I used the first portion of the warp to make a lovely cowl.


There was enough warp remaining to weave a Saori style hat, which also turned out beautifully. 


I'm still not at the end of the warp. I may just have enough left to weave a second hat though perhaps only a child size. We'll see.



Gene Black said...

What a great way to remember a loving friend.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful set and a great memory of a dear pet!


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

How beautiful and special these pieces are.

Marlene said...

Thanks Gene, Joanne and Nancy. It's too bad the memorial yarn only truly works with long haired dogs and cats. Shorter hair can be used but only by "sprinkling" it into a more spinnable fibre like wool.

knitzweavez67 said...

so gorgeous !

Marlene said...

Thank you for taking the time to complement the project, knitzweave67.