Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Souvenir of a Different Sort

For many years now I haven’t been able to be away from home for long due to other commitments, but a recent change in that situation meant I was able to spend a 4 day weekend away. Not much of a “vacation”, but even a 9 hour car drive north to see relatives (some I hadn't even met yet!) is a break from the norm for me and well appreciated.
Once at our destination my sister-in-law was kind enough to drive me around to see how much our old home town has changed (28 years since we moved). There were locations that have changed so much that I didn’t even realize right away where we were!
I had no intention of shopping on this trip but my sister-in-law took me to visit a tiny little yarn shop hidden away in behind another business on the top floor of what was an old, old building even when I lived there. Not being one to accumulate knickknacks and other useless souvenirs I jumped on the chance to spend a little “holiday money” on a souvenir of a sort I know I will truly enjoy. ;-)

A worthy souvenir.

Inspired by another weaver’s project that used clasped weft with Zauberball on one side and a plain, solid colour on the other, I’ve always wanted to give the idea a go. I’ve just never been able to justify paying so much for a single ball of yarn! With my little splurge, now's my chance!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn. I can't wait to see how you use it in the clasped weft. ChelleC