Saturday, October 01, 2016

Ooo, I SEE!

Post LASIK eye surgery.

Only an hour or so after the surgery. No glasses needed but tears pour down my cheeks whenever I briefly open my eyes. Plastic eye shields are taped in place for 24 hours and then used only while sleeping for one week.

Post LASIK eye surgery.

About 6 hours post-op eyes are still watering and sore and are very sensitive to light. Spending most of the first 24 hours sleeping.

Post LASIK eye surgery.

24 hours after surgery, eyes are blood shot and feeling like I've been out in a wind storm, but are otherwise pain free.

My MID-range sight is perfect, which is so much better than I had expected! Working at the computer is not a problem at all. The dashboard of the car is perfectly clear. Having a conversation at the dinner table or standing talking to someone, excellent -- very clear.

Close-up vision is also much better than I had anticipated. I think I will only be needing reading glasses for the tiniest of print, very fine detailed work, or reading for long periods of time. I can see my iPhone and read a magazine just fine. Tiny writing on a medication bottle or the "fine print" of a contract? Well, perhaps not. I'll likely be whipping out a magnifier or reading glasses for that.

My distance vision is still hazy and not quite perfect. It's still plenty good enough to drive. I have a bit of inflammation in both eyes so the distance vision may improve as the inflammation is treated.


Gene Black said...

Wow, I had no idea that is what the post op is like. I am happy to hear that your results are BETTER than you expected.

Marlene said...

It really wasn't that bad Gene. I took Tylenol every 4 hours for the first 12 hours or so and slept a lot for the first 24 hours, but that is what the body needed to do so it could focus on healing. The next day my eyes just felt dry, like I'd been out on a windy, dry day. By the third day, as long as I used my drops as directed, I felt quite comfortable.

I saw the surgeon today and progress is good. My eyes are still inflamed so I'm to continue with the anti-inflammatory drops every two hours and see him again on Thursday. It's kind of amusing being there. Dr. Blaylock has got a great sense of humor and plays up his nervousness about me touching anything in the office. They use chlorhexidine routinely for prepping the patient and for their hands. It's an antibacterial used as an antiseptic prior to surgeries and in other ways in health type facilities. I have had an anaphylactic reaction to it in the past and must be super diligent about avoiding contact whenever in medical facilities.