Friday, October 14, 2016

Riot of Colour and Texture

A quiet blog always means a busy blogger -- at least around here anyway. I've been anything but idle lately and yet haven't taken the time to update.

Riot of Colour and Texture

The "Riot of Colour and Texture" warp has long since been woven, removed from the loom, and made into a cowl and one hat (a second from the same warp is awaiting a knitted brim).

Riot of Colour and Texture HAT

The Saori "No Sew Hat" is how this begins, but I think I'll be adding a knitted brim to the ones I make. It helps them to fit a greater range of head sizes.

Riot of Colour and Texture HAT

It also gives them a slightly different look. More slouchy beanie or beret style, depending on how it is worn.

Riot of Colour and Texture HAT


Gene Black said...

I had not thought of adding a knitted (or crocheted) brim to the no-sew hat. That is a great idea. How are you attaching them?

Marlene said...

I pick up and knit a stitch in each weft loop along the edge, Gene, but inside the outermost warp thread in case the weft loop is short and wants to pull loose. Then I knit another round decreasing the number of stitches to something appropriately hat sized and making sure I have an even number of stitches for the ribbing.

On this particular hat I used the full 30" (pre-wash, not sure what the length was after wet finishing) without gathering the face edge. The ribbing is the only thing pulling the face edge of this hat in to head size.

I have also done these hats where the woven length is closer to 35" and then I gather the face edge in slightly, in the same way that the outermost warp thread draws up gathers on the crown edge of the hat. Having a slightly larger face edge that is then drawn in a bit creates a more beret or tam style.