Monday, March 27, 2017

First Tatting Project

My first actual tatting project is complete and I deem it a success.

First tatted project.

It's a beaded bracelet using the "The Starry Night" pattern by "The Kim and I".

The Starry Night pattern by "The Kim and I".

I had to look up a few YouTube videos on how to add beads to tatting, and the turn to do the opposite side gave me some grief, but neither of those issues had anything to do with the pattern, which is excellent. It was just my own inexperience and learning curve. 

The Starry Night pattern by "The Kim and I".

This was a very good pattern and I'm sure I'll be back to the Etsy shop, TheKimandI soon!


Gene Black said...

Oh my goodness! That is awesome. I just can't imagine the time that goes into that. She has some lovely patterns, though.

Marlene said...

It is very time consuming, Gene, in a good way though! I'm surprised actually how addicting I find it. I'm usually itching to get back at it every spare moment. I guess that for me it is just the right mix of relaxing, challenging, and quiet.

The learning curve at the beginning is very steep. If a person can't get "the flip" they cannot proceed further, but I am finding that learning from YouTube videos suits me much better than one on one instruction. When I'm learning something that takes some practice to understand I'd much rather be alone than having a teacher or classmates hovering, seeing my struggles.