Thursday, May 04, 2017

Walked the Soles Off

I had to go out to buy a new pair of "Clarks Wave Walks" today. The old pair, my second, was shot.

I walk a lot, 1.5 to 2 hours most days. Today was almost 6 miles. All that walking really wears out a pair of shoes! The ones on the right are now in the trash, the heels showing so much wear that my gait, and feet, were suffering. Still, they have served me well and I have no hesitation paying the price for a new pair.

Wave Walks are great for walking in all kinds of weather. They are waterproof , and that's important when you follow your dog, rain or shine, through dew covered grass, puddles, and the occasional muddy patch. My shoes have often gotten very wet on the outside, but I have never had wet feet while wearing them -- ever.

I'm not affiliated in any way, nor do I get any compensation for this review-of-sorts or if you click on the link I provided. I'm just a happy customer. The link is only there for your convenience.


Gene Black said...

I understand having "special" shoes. There is only one brand that I buy now-Merrell. They last me well (and I walk a good bit.) And they were recommended by my chiropractor to help my back. For me they are totally worth the price.

Marlene said...

Merrell is not a brand I've noticed befre Gene. They must be good if a chiropractor specifically recommended them. I had a naturopath recommend the entire Clarks line if one has problem feet, which I have had since at least my early 20s. I can't just wear any ol' shoes or I end up with alignment issues throughout my entire body. So in the long run, expensive shoes end up being more economical. They also seem to last longer.