Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Practice Makes -- Improvement

I finally found a "folded join" tatting tutorial that I could understand and achieve success with. I've practiced and practiced, 6 whole little motifs in fact, and I feel reasonably confident. I still sometimes struggle, but I'm improving.

I'll test out my newly found skill by trying another small motif of a different style and shape before I return to the Snowflake Georginia that I was having so much trouble with.

The folding join tutorial is from Jon Yusoff's blog, "Tat-a-Renda".

The little bookmark is a line of six joined Jasmine Motifs from page 57 of "New Tatting" by Tomoko Morimoto. I'd link to Amazon but whenever I try it links to my actual account. Anyone know of a workaround to avoid that?


Gene Black said...

A. Sign out of Amazon in your browser before getting the link.
B. Use an alternate browser where you are NOT signed in to Amazon to get the link (my choice.)

Gene Black said...

Oh, and know that when YOU click it, it will still open in your default browser and show your account.

Marlene said...

Thanks Gene. Hmm, not so good that it will link to my own account when I check the link. That makes it rather confusing. Perhaps even when I *don't* sign out it still doesn't link to my account when others use the link?