Thursday, June 22, 2017

Carefully Chosen

My youngest granddaughter was over yesterday for her regular weaving time. This is the first warp she's worked on where the colour and all of the yarns in the warp were of her own choosing.

Considering weft choices.

She chose the yarns last week and was a little disappointed that she wouldn't get to weave with them right away. I told her I still had to wind the warp and get it onto the loom. It was all ready to go when she arrived yesterday. 

She's also weaving pink, just like Grandma.

I think she's really enjoying working with a warp full of colour and texture, rather than the plain black prewound she's been using so far, though she's finding that having pompom yarn in the warp is a little troublesome.

It just so happens that her warp is pink, just like the weaving I just finished! We even used some of the same yarns.

The yardage below is my Dogwood  Blossom weaving, now off the loom and ready for its wet finishing.

Off the loom and ready for finishing.

I plumped up the fringe ends by adding in extra yarn before twisting them.

Plumped up the fringe.


Gene Black said...

Wow, I would never consider putting that popcorn yarn in a warp. Is she having to stop and work it through the heddle each time a "popcorn" hits?

Marlene said...

No I wouldn't have chosen to put it in the warp either, Gene, but I didn't want to discourage her in any of her choices as long as it fit through both the reed and the heddles. I figured with only two strands in the warp we could take them out and replace them with something else and a lesson would be learned. Trouble is she doesn't really want to take them out even though they are causing issues. She (rightfully) feels it would leave "gaps". I think before her next weaving time I will prepare two supplemental warps of equal thickness (a "dishcloth cotton" might do) and show her how you can change your mind about some things and there is a "fix".

The pompoms are coming through the heddles and reed much easier than you might think. There is only occasionally a stubborn little one that must be worked through with more care. What is causing the biggest problem is that the weft threads are getting hung up on the pompoms and not beating down to the fell line without some hand manipulation.