Thursday, June 01, 2017

Snowflakes in June

There has been a flurry of curses!

There has been cursing.

I've been tatting intricate snowflakes for what seems like ages.

I calculated that I would need eight for Christmas gifts for next year. I thought I had all eight of the snowflakes done. I washed them and got them soaked in the stiffening solution. It wasn't until I was actually pinning them out that I discovered two of them have mistakes. ONE of them might be salvageable. It's missing a picot and likely 10 double stitches in one of the outer arches. That one I might be able to fudge through enough to use on my own Christmas tree.

The other one has a mistake that is so bad that it is destined for the trash. I'll have to remake it from scratch. It is so weird that I can't figure out how I did the deformity that I see. I couldn't even really block it since there seems to be an extra chain in there AND a picot connected to the wrong place. Cutting out the mistake and retatting only that section is not an option since the starching material will prevent reworking. 

All this resulted in a few choice curse words. You can't tell me that those Victorian ladies didn't mutter a few at times.


Gene Black said...

Unless you are gifting them to other people who tat, I doubt they will see the errors. I went to Flickr to enlarge the photo and still had trouble finding the mistakes.

Marlene said...

I know Gene, but it would bother me to knowingly give someone a present that was flawed. And then there is the matter of deciding which recipient deserved to get only a flawed ornament when the others got the good ones, you know? Doesn't send the right message. I'll take the one with the minor flaw for my own tree and make another to replace the one that has the more obvious mistake. Grievous mistake in my view, but as you say, perhaps not so visible to a non-tatter.

God's Kid said...

Fabulous snowflakes!! :) I don't see any mistakes. :)

Marlene said...

Thanks God's Kid. Knowing that a tatter finds them acceptable, mistakes and all, is a comfort. Still, I've gotten started on the two replacements and have the first round done on both.