Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Bit Each Day

With so many other projects urgently needing attention I haven't been knitting a lot lately, but I do try to put in at least a little each day so that my granddaughters will get their sweaters in a reasonable amount of time. Lately my knitting time has been confined to the 30 minutes or so that I sit with my morning coffee. Still, it's adding up!

A little each day adds up.

I only have the front bands to do and the youngest granddaughter's sweater will be complete. It's miles too big for her. We've had a couple of try on sessions. Better too big than too small at this age though! She's growing like a weed.

Even though the sweater would likely fit the older sister right now the colour and mood of this one would be all wrong for her. Wildly colourful with lots of pattern and variety is in keeping with the youngest's personality. I'll come up with something less busy for the older sister!

On Sunday when I wrote the post about the handwoven hat I did not have a picture of the inside to show you. So here you are, an inside shot. The hat is fully lined with a fabric labeled as "mixed fibres", but seems like a polyester to me. It's the perfect weight and colour for this hat, has a nice hand, and doesn't fray or wrinkle.

It's lined too.


ChelleC said...

Beautiful work. And your effort to knit SOMETHING daily proves my theory that "a little is a lot." Your granddaughter will love this sweater. Grin.

Marlene said...

Thanks Chelle. Sometimes projects that would otherwise be "stuck" just need a commitment to a little each day and before long they are done. I love knitting, but lately it's been pushed to the side by other equally interesting fibre related hobbies. Knitting during my morning coffee is a way to keep my hand in it. I'd like to be able to do the same with the tatting, but there are just too many things to take care of between now and September. I'm promising myself I'll get back to tatting in October.