Sunday, July 16, 2017

Add a Hat

There was a time when men, women and children all wore hats when they went out. 

I'm glad that that's no longer the case since I look dorky in every hat I ever try on!

I also have a very large head so it is hard to find hats that fit me.

Luckily Heddie is always happy to model hats for me since her lack of a torso and limbs makes her a rather poor model of other clothing.

The hat is sewn from handwoven fabric left over after making the white tunic and using the "Brimmed Hat with Side Pleating" pattern by Etsy seller kalliedesigns.

It is fully lined, and beautifully embellished.

Hopefully both the hat and the tunic will be accepted for display in the Chilliwack Spinners and Weavers Guild's textile art show, "Fibre Flair!" which will be opening at the Chilliwack Community Arts Council's Art Room Gallery in September.


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

This hat is gorgeous. I bet it would look good on you too. It certainly looks good on you model.

Gene Black said...

The hat is very nice. Heddie looks lovely in it.

Marlene said...

It looks okay-ish on my Joanne. No hat ever seems to look "good" on me. I could wear this one if a hat was absolutely necessary. I may decide to make one like this for myself, but a little larger, in a more casual fabric and without embellishement. The photos don't show it well, but the fabric for this hat is sort of dressy in that it has sparkly elements here and there. White/off white is also not practical for a hat that will get much wear.

Thanks Gene. I never intended this one to be "my" hat so Heddie is welcome to it if it doesn't sell at the art show in September or the Christmas Craft Market in November.

Anonymous said...

Your white tunic is just about my favourite piece that you have published! And this hat....!!! Ohhh, myyy - I simply love both these creations! I am into hats but most are too large for me. A pattern with our handwovens might be just the answer for a good fit! Thanks for sharing, Marleen... Mimi

Marlene said...

Yes Mimi, I think you would find that this particular pattern can easily be adapted to pretty much any head size. The main piece, the side of the crown, is cut using your own head measurement as a guide and then you use the pattern piece for the crown top that most closely corresponds with your individual measurement.

dynnamae n said...

Marleen, your hat is beautiful. I also have a large head, so I understand exactly and feel the same about hats. I only wear a baseball hat to protect my head from sunburn while mowing. Your hat makes me wish otherwise. Thanks for sharing it. Love seeing your granddaughters learning from you.