Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Do You See What I See?

This little book follows a big, but puzzling trend.

If you happen to shop at book stores, department stores, or craft stores, you can't help but notice the huge on trend "thing" that adult colouring books have become. I must admit, I don't really get it!

I have always had plenty of interesting, creative hobbies, and not enough time to enjoy them all, therefor colouring just has no pull for me. Looking through it I do find that some of the pages might work well as inspiration for detailed embroidery. I'm not likely to actually DO that though so off it goes!

My eldest daughter has more time for such things, and finds colouring relaxing, so I'll be passing this book, "Bliss Christmas Coloring Book: Your Passport to Calm", on to her.

This book was provided by Dover Publications Inc. that I might give an honest review. I receive no further compensation. The link is only for your convenience.

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Gene Black said...

I have a few friends that are really enjoying the coloring trend - I just don't get it. I would far rather grab some paint and a brush - or some cloth or some fiber and create with those things. But then, I was never one to color inside the lines and be happy about it.