Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Saturday Evening Post-ers

This book delivers 30 ready-to-frame reprints of classic Saturday Evening Post holiday covers spanning the years from 1913 - 1960. Although many of the prints have an endearing Rockwell feel to them only three are actually Norman Rockwell reprints. Six of the reprints are of works by J.C. Leyendecker, while four are by George Hughes, three each by Richard Sargent and Stevan Dohanos as well as eleven others by various artists.

All are easy to pull from the book, ready to be framed. I'm considering having my favourites coil-bound flip chart style so that I can display them during the holiday season, choosing a new print for each day, much like an advent calendar.

The remainder of the book is dedicated to adult colouring book enthusiasts. Each of the 30 Saturday Evening Post reprints is presented as a line drawing, ready to colour. With so many other hobbies consuming my time, and grandchildren too young for so much detailed colouring, I'll likely give these pages away.

Dover Publications provided this book, "The Saturday Evening Post Christmas Treasury" at no charge, that I might give an honest review. I receive no further compensation and the link I have provided here is just for your convenience. 

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