Friday, February 02, 2018

Dwindling Macaw

January in this area saw temperatures that remained predominantly in the grass to macaw range. Errm -- I mean in the 3 to 8 degrees celsius range, (37 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit).

I've been keeping up with the knitting of the "My Year In Temperatures" scarf by knitting 6 rows every second day. That's 3 rows to represent the high temperature for each day. The speckles in the scarf represent each day's low temperature. 

If you look very carefully you might spot a row where you would assume I forgot the speckles. I didn't. In my colour line up each colour spans 3 degrees. That particular day the high temperature and the low temperature were within 3 degrees of each other so they were both represented by the same colour.

I've been going through an awful lot of the colour "macaw", which is a problem because it was the one colour that I did not start off with a full ball of. I'll have to order more. Soon.


MarthaVA said...

Very cool!

Sweetsknit said...

Macaw as in Knit Picks palette Macaw? I think I have a ball I've barely touched if you wanted to just cover the shipping. (But maybe you need more?)

Marlene said...

Yes, I'd love to have it if you feel you won't be needing/using it again? I just checked at Knit Picks and the shipping fee to me is over $10! I'm hoping you could mail a ball for less?

Marlene said...

Isn't it fun, Martha? Unfortunately, as I've discovered, there is no real way of knowing how much yarn to buy of any one colour since it all depends on the temperatures one experiences over an entire year. I've already run low on Macaw, which I only had a partial ball of, but it could end up that we rarely touch on this particular temperature throughout the remainder of the year. (possible, but doubtful!)

Sweetsknit said...

Let me check in my bins and make sure that my memory is correct and I really do have it. Then I'll PM you on Ravelry to get the details to get it to you. I thought shipping to where you are via Knit Picks might not be in your best interests - particularly if you just need one little ball.