Thursday, March 22, 2018

Finished at Long Last

I've been far busier lately than my non-existent blogging might suggest! Knowing how the computer can be a time sucking vortex I've been avoiding it, preferring to spend my time in more productive pursuits. It's working, I have finished projects!
In the last while I finally managed to finish sweaters for BOTH of my granddaughters. The girls have been waiting for their promised "back to school" sweaters for quite some time! I lost my knitting mojo part way through and the projects stalled for months on end. Then when I had the knitting nearly complete I discovered that both cardigans needed some adjustments to fit properly. That was rather discouraging and again the knitting stalled.

But now, finally, the delayed projects are complete and have been delivered -- a full six months later than I originally intended, but still large enough for both girls to wear them for quite some time yet. Years perhaps! In other hobby news: Work continues on the "My Year In Temperatures" scarf, my denim boro vest is constantly being added to, and my large cross-stitch picture is nearly complete with only the back stitching yet to be done. I work on that last project every single day, without fail.

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