Monday, March 26, 2018

Boro Progress

Looking back through previous blog posts I see that I started the work on this boro vest almost a year ago. Since the last update I've added many more patches and a whole lot of stitching to the front.

It's still not "complete". Some of the patches don't have their reinforcing stitching done.

And I have plans to eventually add patches to those lower pockets as well.

In the meantime I wear the vest almost daily, as an added layer as one would a favourite cardigan,

and that has added some wear to the front button band which, in the true boro style, now needs patches on its patches! I hope to keep repairing this garment as the need arises. I think it has an element of "wabi-sabi" to it. Quoting a Wikipedia's entry on wabi-sabi: "The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete."


ChelleC said...

This looks wonderful, Marlene. Great job! This is an outstanding piece and looks fantastic on you. Well done.

PJ said...

Very Nice! Very classy :)

Sweetsknit said...

So cool. I love this style of clothing. I wish I could afford you to just sew my whole wardrobe.

Marlene said...

Thanks ChelleC. It's definitely one of a kind, which is kind of nice in this world of mass produced, instant fashion.

Thanks PJ. Interesting that you would call this worn out, hand-me-down, patched and mended shirt "classy". I hope that means my wearing it out and about in public isn't too much of an eye sore?

For this type of shirt you'd need an "in house" needleworker, Sweetsknit. It's added to bit by bit as it shows wear. Perhaps someone like the "freaky ol' lady name a cocaine Katy" from the song, "Cover of the Rolling Stone"?

Michelle Paganini said...

Love this!