Saturday, August 18, 2018

Successful Upcycle

Really pleased with this upcycle sewing project.

It's 2 men's shirts (the black and the gingham), and one ladies blouse (the white one with embroidered trim) combined to make a totally new ladies tunic length blouse. 

I added a dash of red here and there using scrap fabric.

The concept comes from Paganoonoo's "The Cindy Blouse" pattern though I didn't use the fabulous curved front piece. With the added fussiness of the fancy collar and cuffs I figured it would be too much this time.

I really like the way this turned out so it is highly likely I'll eventually use the pattern again and make the more decorative curved addition to the front. 

Have you ever tired refashioning something old into something new?

It's rather fun!


ChelleC said...

I absolutely LOVE it! What an attractive tunic you have made. I'm so impressed.

Patti L said...

What a talent you are ,and yes i would love to be able to do that.I always look at old dolly and think how pretty on a bottom or sleeves.

Michelle Paganini said...

The best Cindy upcycle I have ever seen! Marlene your work is artistic and looks technically impeccable.
For anyone who wants to find out more about Upcycling with Paganoonoo instructions:

MarthaVA said...

Marlene, I love what you're doing with all of this! It's really special. I wish I had that talent! You see things that I would never imagine doing.