Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Better Safe Than Sorry

I was cautioned by an experienced spinner to do a plying experiment before committing my entire 4oz ply of Recycled Sari Silk to being plyed with the Blue Faced Leicester wool. She was concerned that the two very different fibres would react differently when the yarn was set -- the wool perhaps shrinking while the silk did not. That would, of course, end up with the silk creating loose loops like boucle. 

I had already started spinning the BFL so I decided to spin it all and if the plying experiment showed combining the two was a big NO then I would just ply them back on themselves. 

As it turned out my little plying test was a resounding success! The two different fibres played very well together.

The silk ply adds sheen and little specks of colour and the BFL adds some loft and softness. 

This is great news since I have other colours of Recycled Sari Silk matched with BFL that I still have to spin.

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