Friday, September 10, 2021

Adding Ribbing

 Although the original pattern, Drops 51-21, did not have ribbing on the bottom hem, I have added some. I think it will look and fit better this way. I picked up the 1x1 ribbing from a provisional cast on and knit it top down, ending with a tubular cast off.

I've also chosen to carry the cabling pattern all the way across the whole sweater, rather than just on the fronts as instructed in the pattern. I want the back to be as impressive as the front!

Here it is, pre-ribbing, laid out flat so you can see the intricate patterning. These long long rows that go all the way around the body are very slow to knit. 280 stitches per row!


PJ said...

Such beautiful work!

Marlene said...

Thanks PJ. I've done intricate cabled sweaters in the past, but never with my own handspun yarn. This takes it up a notch!