Wednesday, June 30, 2004


In an effort to add a few photos to my blog I searched the house for finished projects. I was suprised how many I found!

The oldest (that I have on hand) is probably "Knitting Neddie". She was made several years ago to decorate my knitting/crafts room. Her sweater was designed on "Sweater Wizard". The socks were also knit by hand. "Her" knitting was done on toothpicks. (Some day I will have to make her a set of prettier needles.)

I love socks made of Cascade "Fixation". These are two pairs I made last winter.

The Blue Cable Cardi was designed using "Sweater Wizard". I was a little disappointed with the bottom ribbing. Although I didn't want it to pull in too much, I think it is TOO loose.

The cable tank top turned out nice.....a tad on the short side for me though. The free pattern is available at Look for "Rib and Cable Top"

I've made a couple of these Earflap caps from the "Hats On" book. The first (grey and black) was a little big but with an adjustment of my gauge the second one fits very well.

I fell in love with the color/texture combination of these two yarns so I designed the Child's Cardi pattern to go with the yarn.

After making the child's sweater I just had to use the yarn again, this time in a Feather and Fan shawl that I designed myself.

While not exactly a knitting project, it is a FO so I will include it here. My knitting bag, made by recycling a thrift store find. It started as a messanger bag complete with a company logo and I redecorated it with appliqued fabric.

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