Wednesday, June 30, 2004


When I first joined the KR forum I proclaimed that I only ever have one project on the needles at a time. Someone piped up to say that it wouldn't stay that way for long. They were right. Now I have 4 WIPs and an eye for more. MUST....finish......projects!

I would like to finish this Eyelet-Cable tank top (my own design)in time to wear it this summer but it is a fine gauge and getting rather tedious. The back is complete and I have cast on and knit an inch or so of the front but then set it aside to play with some fairisle for awhile.

This Fairisle Pillow is the cause of my unfaithfulness to the Eyelet-Cable tank top. I just HAD to get my hands on some color-work. It is my first love. These pillows are fingering weight....which works out to 288 sts per round! WHAT was I thinking?! (the little leather patch in the picture is the color sample for our leather loveseat)

These are the Toe-Up socks in Patons "Kroy" that I save for road trips and waiting rooms. Right now the stitches are being held on little tiny straight needles (about 5" in length) that I use to turn heels in my modified method of doing the Magic Loop. I "stole" the Addi circular to knit the pillows. ;-)

The IK Bed and Breakfast Pullover languishes in the corner a victim of hot weather. So far the back is nearly complete.

All this knitting to do and instead I have spent my day "blogging"! Ah well, it has been fun.


Anonymous said...

geez mom, do you think you have enough "WIP"'s??? well, since you seem to have so many projects on the go it wouldn't hurt to have one more...a hat for meee! :-)

xmasberry said...

Wow! what cool projects! And here i am all proud that i am almost done with the front celtic knot on the Gyrid tank. What gorgeous work, Gives me something to strive for!