Friday, June 25, 2004

Slow progress.

Last night it seemed I knit forever on the eyelet-cable tank top and could only see a bit of progress. With the fine gauge it is really slow going. I have been knitting quite regularly for a week and still haven't reached the back neck. Several times now I have measured and appeared to be at 18" only to find with another measurement that I still have and inch to go.

The stretchy ribbing nature of the eyelet cable pattern really makes it difficult to measure accurately. I have now decided that I must stretch the piece horizontally to nearly the full wearing width and THEN measure to see if I am at the right length. Stretching it horizontally really eats up a lot of the length, but that is the way it will be on the body so I had better make the correct allowances.

My most recent calculations have me one inch short of the first shapings for the back neckline. Maybe tonight I will be able to reach that mark. After that the tank top will be divided for each side so it should go a lot quicker.

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